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Halloumi with Caper Lime Vinaigrette

If you've never had halloumi cheese this is your chance to try something new and delightfully delicious. It's a firm, salty cheese that can be found in most large grocery stores and also some smaller ones (I've seen it at Fresh Co.).

Delia Smith, who is an English cook, tv presenter, and cookbook author we've followed for many years, says that this is a great recipe to have up your sleeve for the unexpected vegetarian. We couldn't agree more! Halloumi comes in a sealed package and can live in your fridge for a very long time. Plus this recipe whips up super quick. The cheese in this recipe can be either grilled or pan fried. If you're interested in grilling check out this website for instructions.

Mmm this recipe really is a keeper, we just love how it has so many flavour and texture elements; creamy cheese, salty capers, tart lime, and some bright, fresh tasting herbs

Halloumi with Caper Lime Vinaigrette

halloumi cheese 250 grams

2 Tbsp olive oil

2 level Tbsp flour

For the dressing:

juice and zest 1 lime

1 heaped Tbsp capers, drained

1 Tbsp white wine vinegar

1 clove garlic, finely chopped

1 heaped tsp grain mustard

1 Tbsp chopped fresh cilantro leaves

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

salt and freshly milled black pepper

To garnish:

few sprigs cilantro

First of all, unwrap the cheese and pat it dry with kitchen paper. Then, using a sharp knife, slice it into 8 slices, including the ends.

Now prepare the dressing by simply whisking all the ingredients together in a small mixing bowl. When you're ready to serve the halloumi, heat the oil in a frying pan over a medium heat. When the oil is really hot, press each slice of cheese into seasoned flour to coat it on both sides, then add them to the hot pan as they are done – they take 1 minute on each side to cook, so by the time the last one's in, it will almost be time to turn the first one over.

They need to be a good golden colour on each side.

Serve them straight away on warmed plates with the dressing poured over and garnished with coriander.

This is good served with lightly toasted pitta bread or Greek bread with toasted sesame seeds.

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