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week five

week 5 includes













lettuce mix

What to do with them? How to Store? Recipes below!

basil – finally! It's basil season <3 Basil doesn't belong in the fridge! It's too cold and will turn your basil brown and yucky.

(store in in a glass with a bit of water in the bottom, on the counter)

dill – dill can do into the fridge, simply wrap the cut ends with a damp paper towel and store in an airtight container. You can also store with the basil in water or freeze for later.

parsley – store like dill or basil, parsley is pretty forgiving.

cucumber – these are field cucumbers, not english cucumbers, so you’ll probably want to peel off some or most of the skin, as it can be a little bitter. We like to peel and slice our cucumbers and eat them with a sprinkle of salt. They’re also good marinated in a bit of white vinegar and water; quick pickles!

(store in the fridge in your crisper)

zucchini – chances are you already know exactly what you want to do with these little babies. Save the zucchini bread recipes for zucchinis later in the season, enjoy these in a quick and amazing zucchini sauté, see below for recipe.

(store in the fridge in a plastic bag)

kale – you've been getting a lot of kale lately. Hopefully you've been enjoying it in a variety of ways. If you're getting overwhelmed, just remove the rib that runs down the center, tuck the leaves into a ziplock bag, suck out the air, and freeze it! add it to a smoothie later, stir into a soup or some scrambled eggs, just don't make into a salad! Kale freezes really well but not for eating raw like it's fresh.

We've been sautéing onions and garlic with jerk sauce, then wilting kale into it and stirring in a bit of feta! Divine!

Oh, and have you tried to make kale chips yet? Try this recipe out. Feel free to omit all the spices and just use olive oil and salt.

(store in a plastic bag in the fridge)

beets – beets are an amazing vegetable, both the roots and the greens are edible, both raw and cooked. The roots have a sweet, earthy flavour and become sweeter when cooked. The greens taste a lot like chard.

When we get your veggies home, remove the tops and toss the roots into a pot of water, boil on the stove for 20-30 minutes until tender. Drain and refrigerate! There you go, cooked beets for snacks and salads and side dishes all week! no muss no fuss.

(Remove greens up arriving home, leaving 1” of the stem on the roots, store in the fridge in a plastic bag)

carrots – we don’t have to tell you how awesome carrots are and in case you didn’t know we just want to remind you that you CAN eat the carrot tops. No, they aren’t poisonous. Check out this short write-up from The Kitchn about the misconception.

(Remove the carrot tops (they leach moisture from the roots) before storing them both in plastic bags in the fridge)

lettuce mix – salads, you know...

(store in the fridge)

garlic – use in all the places.

(store in a cool, dark place)

turnip – there are so many ways to enjoy this veggies. Make turnip pesto pizzas, or turnip soup, or miso maple turnips - see our recipe page!

(Remove the carrot tops (they leach moisture from the roots) before storing them both in plastic bags in the fridge)

kohlrabi – we like to eat these raw as a snack. Simple peel off the outside and slice up the juicy white middles. Grate into salads or make into a pickle!

(remove the tops and store in a plastic bag the fridge)

cabbage – shred and make a salad or slice in half and grill!

(store in a plastic bag in the fridge)


Check out the recipe section on our website for a variety of home-tested recipes to help you make the most out of your veggies. Below are some recipes we'd like to highlight this week:

yeah, you've seen this one before. There is a good chance we'll mention it to you every single week. Have you tried it yet??

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