week five

week five




lettuce mix





peas or beans



What to do with them? How to Store? Recipes below!

carrots – this carrot avocado salad recipe looks nice. Or this roasted carrots with carrot top pesto.

(store in a bag in the fridge)

beets – these beet fritters look good.

(Remove greens up arriving home, leaving 1” of the stem on the roots, store in the fridge)

scallions – have you ever had scallion pancakes!? they're fantastic! These scallion egg noodles also look good.

(store in a bag in the fridge)

basil – finally, basil season is upon us. Rejoice! Basil is such a beautiful herb. Whether it is used to make fresh pesto, chopped and sprinkled over tomatoes, used to finish a pasta dish, or mixed into a cocktail – we love it everywhere! Unfortunately, basil is a delicate herb and won't last very long, so be sure to use it quickly. Ideally, you'd keep the basil in a glass with water in the bottom, on the counter. We don't normally recommend keeping basil in the fridge, but tips we delivered this week might be too tricky for counter storage. If you put yours in the fridge it should last 2-3 days. eat it before the green leaves start to get dark brown spots.

parsley - more than just a garnish. Parsley is a significantly underrated herb. Treat soft herbs like a fresh bouquet of flowers. Fill a glass with cool water, trim the ends of the stems, and then place the bunch in the glass and leave in the fridge.

garlic – there is more where that came from, so enjoy now!

(store in a dark place)

lettuce mix – you know the drill! Store in the fridge.

white turnips – wondering what to do with those turnips? See below, or check out this recipe round up - 18 recipes!

(If you aren’t going to eat them right away and want them to last in your fridge, we suggest cutting the greens off and storing them separately. They can leach moisture from the roots. Store in a plastic bag in the fridge)

zucchini – this genius zucchini pizza looks delish. so does this grilled zucchini ribbons with pesto and beans.

(store in the fridge)

kale – we've been looking at this chickpea and kale shakshuka and also this one pot braised chicken with kale and white beans.

(store in a plastic bag in the fridge)

Recipes to try

kale reuben

double chocolate with zucchini muffins

zucchini pasta

baked tofu with kale on coconut rice

kale salad

herbed tahini dip

fried green onion noodles

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