week eight

week eight





tomato mix

sweet pepper





dill flowers

What to do with them? How to Store? Recipes below!

carrots – we've been enjoying ours raw, with dip!

(store in a bag in the fridge)

beets – this recipe for cherry and beet toasts with ricotta looks delish

(Remove greens up arriving home, leaving 1” of the stem on the roots, store in the fridge)

beans - beans beans beans! Try your beans in our crunchy veggie salad – recipe below.

(store in a bag in the fridge)

parsley – have you tried our recipe for beans with gremolata!?

zucchini – these zucchini fritters are next on our list!

(store in the fridge)

kale – kale salads for all!

(store in a plastic bag in the fridge)

tomatoes – Do not store in the fridge! we tried this recipe for browned butter tomatoes last week, it was EPIC! and super duper quick.

garlic – you know what to do.

eggplant – it’s that time of year… ratatouille (store in the fridge)

dill flower – perfect for pickling those beans! (store in the fridge, in a glass with an inch of water at the bottom)

Recipes to try

try your beans, carrots, and or beets in this crunchy salad

tomato ricotta toasts are the best

pickled dill beans - use your beans AND the dill flower

beans gremolata

kale caesar

zucchini bread

summer squash pizza

smokey eggplant dip

kale salad with caper vinaigrette

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