week nine

week nine




tomato mix

sweet and hot peppers




What to do with them? How to Store? Recipes below!

carrots – we've been looking at this recipe for Moroccan Carrot Salad and also these Carrot Muffins

(store in a bag in the fridge)

beans - beans beans beans! have you tried beans with gremolata yet?! – recipe below.

(store in a bag in the fridge)

cilantro – This is the second planting of the season, so the cilantro is super tender, fresh and bright! Try on a burrito bowl, in some gauc, in a summer cocktail, or in this awesome looking soup.

zucchini – I think we're going to make this roasted zucchini dip this weekend!

(store in the fridge)

kale – now that the weather is getting a bit cooled, I've been eyeing up this one-pot braised chicken with kale and white beans.

(store in a plastic bag in the fridge)

sweet and hot peppers – the orange and green peppers are sweet (especially the orange one) while the jalapeno is hot!

(store in the fridge)

tomatoes – Do not store in the fridge! we tried this recipe for browned butter tomatoes last week, it was EPIC! and super duper quick.

garlic – you know what to do.

Recipes to try

pasta with fresh tomato sauce

summer supper

tomato ricotta toast

beans with gremolata

garlic Parm zucchini noodles

burrata with roasted tomatoes

kale pesto pasta with eggs and parm

cherry tomato and caper spaghetti

gnocchi skillet with tomatoes and sausage

cherry tomato galette

vegetable soup au pistou

polenta tart with roasted cherry tomatoes

Tomato and Stone-Fruit Panzanella With Burrata

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