week twelve

week twelve


kale or swiss chard



tomato mix




new potatoes

What to do with them? How to Store? Recipes below!

carrots – we like the look of this carrot salad and this carrot pancake recipe.

(remove the tops! store in a bag in the fridge)

beansthis homemade green bean casserole looks delish. Note that you can use yellow beans here!

(store in a bag in the fridge)

cilantro – this could very well be it for the season. If you don’t want to eat it fresh, then chop it up and spread in a thing layer on a baking sheet. Freeze and then transfer to an airtight container and store in the freezer until you make some food that needs a fresh cilantro sprinkle!

Store in a glass with an inch of water in the bottom, in the fridge.

chives – add to scrambled eggs, stir into dips, or finish off mashed potatoes!

Store in a glass with an inch of water in the bottom, in the fridge.

zucchini – check out this recipe for lemon buttered salmon with zucchini and kale.

(store in the fridge)

kale – kale salad and kale chips are our favourite way to eat kale.

(store in a plastic bag in the fridge)

swiss chard – we didn’t plant a whole lot of chard this year, so you won’t be getting a very much. We like to saute it in a frying pan with olive oil and garlic. Start by chopping the stalks and sauting them for a few minutes before adding the chopped greens. After the stalks are tender and the greens wilted it’s nice to finish with something acidic, a squeeze of lemon juice or a small splash of a nice vinegar.

(store in the fridge in a bag)

tomatoes – Do not store in the fridge! We’re nearing the end of the season folks, enjoy these beauties while you can, because the grocery store tomatoes are going to pale in comparison all winter long.

garlic – you know what to do.

potatoes – have you tried your potatoes on the same day that we deliver? They are incredibly sweet and full of flavour. Even a day or two later they’re not nearly as good. They’re still great, but seriously, try them out the same day they were dug up – you will be surprised.

(store in a dark, dry place)

Recipes to try

roasted veggies with polenta

korean scallion pancakes with veggies

cuban black beans with cilantro lime rice

cilantro lime rice

coconut, ginger, and cilantro cocktail

banh mi sliders

zucchini pasta

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