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Our Practices

We are committed to organic practices.

Our Farm

Ten chances farm is on a 100 acre tree farm located near Ivanhoe Ontario, about 20 minutes north of Belleville.

Our passion is to provide our customers with delicious, organic, nutrient-dense food.

Our philosophy is taken care of on another website, go check out Mr Molloy's website at

Just kidding, our philosophy is that everything starts with the soil. Healthy soil produces healthy nutritious crops. By investing in sustainable practices and nurturing the soil we avoid the use of harmful chemicals and fertilizers, while also leaving the land for future generations.

Our Story

Patricia has always had a green thumb and an interest in growing the organic way.
Growing up on her family's farm near Hamilton, she spent her childhood getting dirty and developing an affection for nature.
Recently, after retiring, she built a house with her partner, Vern, and moved to the Molloy Family Tree Farm to begin her second career as an organic grower.
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