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When not tending to trees, Vernon writes about social and economic issues. His current published works can be found on Amazon. He also keeps a website where he posts his ideas and other relevant content.
Vernon sometimes has copies of his books in whatever vehicle he is driving, or they're available at the farm (1579 Hollowview Road). To request a free eBook of PDF copies, email Vernon at or message 613.242.6128

Molloy's Tree Farm

Vernon has owned and operated Molloy's Tree Farm for over 40 years. He specializes in 3'-8' evergreen trees for landscaping and Christmas, including:
  • white spruce
  • blue spruce
  • white pine
  • red pine
  • scots pine
  • balsam fir
  • ornamental boughs
Maple saplings of up to 12' are also available.
Trees are available for pick-up at the farm. Planting and delivery options also available, along with landscaping, pruning, and tree removal.
The 100 acre farm is located north of Belleville, off of Hwy 62 in Ivanhoe.
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