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CSA shares

What we grow

The graph below gives you a glimpse of what to expect throughout the 16 weeks of the CSA program.














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CSA shares

What is a CSA?

“CSA” stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Farm CSAs are a way for consumers to buy local, seasonal produce directly from farmers in their community.

Generally CSA share-holders make an upfront payment to support the farm and in return, reap a weekly or bi-weekly supply of fresh vegetables, as they share in the risk and rewards of the growing season.

Each week’s share will vary, encouraging you to cook creatively. It’s the perfect way to eat fresh, seasonal produce while supporting your local farm!

Through a ten chances farm CSA share, you’ll get the opportunity to eat the freshest, highest-quality local food - grown and harvested with the utmost care, under organic practices.

How does it work?

Our CSA runs weekly throughout the summer - 16 weeks from June through September.

And the best part? It's delivered directly to your door!

What do I get?

A typical share should accommodate the veggie needs of a 4-person family. Each week you will receive a wonderful bounty of 8-10 items that were hand harvested at the peak of freshness. This will include a diverse variety of seasonal vegetables.

Full Share = 16 weeks of veg

= $475 season ($29.70 per week) 

Half Share = 8 weeks of veg, biweekly 

= $252 season ($31.50 per week)

You'll also get a weekly email with information about what vegetables to expect that week, how to store them, how to cook them, tips and tricks, plus as a few recipes for inspiration that have been tested and approved by us.

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