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Pickled Beans

Below you''ll find our family's favourite pickled bean recipe, but don't let the the title of this recipe stop you from moving beyond beans! We also use this simple brine on many other things; hard boiled eggs, sliced raw turnip, raw garlic cloves, raw garlic scapes, raw carrots, you name it! The beauty about this recipe is that it makes an excellent refrigerator pickle, for those of you who don't want, or have not yet learn how, to take advantage of the canning process.

The brine recipe below is enough for one 1-litre jar of pickles.

Pickled Dill Beans

Brine: 2 c water

1 c white vinegar

1/8 c pickling salt (do not substitute)

1 tsp pepper corns (optional)

1-2 cloves garlic (optional)

some drill fronds or dill flowers (optional but highly recommened)

(to make 5 1-litre or 10 500-ml jars make brine x4=8 c water; 4c vinegar; 1/2c salt)

Sterilize jars and when preparing brine, sterilize jar lids.

Wash and cut beans at both ends.

Boil a big pot of water and cook bean in boiling water 8 minutes.

Drain and put in jars with a piece of garlic and fresh dill on bottom and top.

Boil brine for 5 min and pour over beans. Seal immediately.

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