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week 14 2019

week fourteen includes

tomatoes - mixed


mixed peppers – sweet and hot








kale or swiss chard




What to do with them? How to Store? Recipes below!

garlic – use now or store for later

(keep in a dark/dry place)

zucchini – this zucchini rice looks divine. and this zucchini pasta

(store in the fridge in a plastic bag)

carrots – we like ‘em raw with dip! but they're also good cooked/glazed.

(Remove the carrot tops (they leach moisture from the roots) before storing them both in plastic bags in the fridge)

tomatoes – this couscous and roasted tomato salad looks really good.

(store on the counter, never in the fridge)


(store in a dark, dry place)

beets - we're still thinking about this beet martini

(remove tops and store in the fridge)

mixed lettuce greens – you know what to do with these!

(store in the fridge)

chives – we like to snip ours into scrambled eggs

(tuck into a glass with an inch of water at the bottom, store in the fridge or on the counter)

sage – use fresh or dry out and save for later. Maybe try it in a cocktail!?

(tuck the ends into a glass with some water at the bottom and store on the counter or hand to dry for later)

potatoes – boil ‘em, mash ‘em, bake ‘em. check out this amazing looking recipe for roasted potato wedges with cilantro dip.

(store in dry, dark place. We use a paper LCBO bag)

turnips – these are very similar to the other turnips you’ve seen in the weekly shares. Still not sure how to cook them? We like to eat them raw, with dip, but they’d also good in this turnips with green recipe.

(remove tops and store both in the fridge)

kale or chard – kale or chard salad are good options, check out our recipe section on the website. Maybe try out some kale chips?

(store in the fridge)


Check out the recipe section on our website for a variety of home-tested recipes to help you make the most of your veggies.

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