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Veggie Egg Scramble

This is one of our favourite breakfast or lunch routines around the farm. Head out to the garden, grab a few handfuls of veggies and herbs and then head inside to saute them up with eggs and cheese. It's quick, it's easy, and it's always delicious.

We don't even follow a recipe, anything goes! but the prep looks a little like this:

Saute some garlic or scapes in oil. When soft add the chopped veggies, reserving the leafy greens and herbs. When the veggies are starting to become tender, about a minute two, stir in the leafy greens and then push to one side of the pan. Whisk a few eggs and add to the bare side of the pan, scramble until nearly cooked and then mix into the veggies. Cook until desired doneness, divide into bowls, top with cheese and chopped fresh mixed herbs!


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