week nine

week nine includes












What to do with them? How to Store? Recipes below!

garlic – we don't need to tell you who to use up this little gem.

(keep in a dark/dry place)

new potatoes - these aren't the kind of potatoes that you store for a long period of time, they're new and therefore won't keep forever. Enjoy them now! We like to boil them and then slather in butter or pesto.

(keep in a paper bag and away from the light - we use LCBO bags)

zucchini - we're neck deep in zucchini, which means you're getting plenty too! we've hot a new zucchini recipe to share with you, below. It's the fastest, tastiest thing you can do with zucchini! But just in case you need more inspiration, here is a recipe round up:

zucchini fritters

zucchini grilled cheese

zucchini galette

zucchini butter pasta

zucchini caesar salad

zucchini cheesy rice

creamy zucchini pasta

zucchini noodles with herbs and capers

grilled zucchini tacos

zucchini butter

one pot zucchini and blue cheese pasta

grilled scallops with zucchini noodles and corn

grilled zucchini ribbons with pesto and white beans

zucchini with involtini with swiss chard and ricotta

zucchini pickles

ratatouille tain

green goddess zucchini pasta with fried halloumi

zucchini brownies

waffled zucchini-parmesan fritters

(store in the fridge in a paper bag )

kale – don’t forget that kale freezes REALLY well. Making pesto or kale chips are also excellent ways to use up an entire bunch of kale.

(store in a bag in the fridge)

carrots – we usually just eat raw as a snack, maybe with a tasty dip. This recipe for glazed carrots looks good. And this pasta with carrot miso sauce and kale.

(Remove the carrot tops (they leach moisture from the roots) before storing them both in plastic bags in the fridge)

cilantro – mm so fresh and bright! why not try it in this 20 minute cilantro chicken with rice and beans recipe or this cilantro lime dressing

(store in a glass in an inch of water at the bottom, in the fridge or in a plastic bag with half a sheet of paper towel)

onions – fairly straight forward this one.

beans – beans beans beans! We love beans! especially in this recipe for beans with gremolata.

(store in a bag in the fridge)

tomatoes – are they gorgeous!? We love to make a simple tomato bocconcini salad with them.

(store on the counter, never in the fridge)

jalapeno – this recipe for jalapeno and goat cheese guac looks good. So do these jalapeno cheese crisps.

(store in the fridge)


Check out the recipe section on our website for a variety of home-tested recipes to help you make the most of your veggies.

quick zucchini saute - seriously SO GOOD!

cold sesame noodles with cucumber

cherry tomato and caper spaghetti

zucchini pizza

creamed greens and fried eggs

zucchini bread

black beans with cilantro and lime

coconut corn chowder

coconut , ginger, cilantro cocktails

cilantro and lime rice

banh mi sliders