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week three

week three




lettuce mix



snow peas

white turnips

garlic scapes


What to do with them? How to Store? Recipes below!

carrots – ah the first carrots of the season! Don’t forget that the carrot greens are edible too, so why not add them to the greens meatlessballs recipe or make some carrot top pesto!?

(store in a bag in the fridge)

beets – beets are an amazing vegetable, both the roots and the greens are edible, both raw and cooked. The roots have a sweet, earthy flavour and become sweeter when cooked. The greens taste a lot like chard and can be used the same way. We like our beets steamed or boiled and served up warm, however they're good cold too on a salad.

This sparkling beet lemonade looks good. So do these milk-braised beet greens. Or use the tops in this wilted greens with coconut milk.

(Remove greens up arriving home, leaving 1” of the stem on the roots, store in the fridge)

scallions – or green onions are a staple in our fridge. We add them to almost everything, but have you ever tried grilling them?! We’ve also been eyeing up this awesome looking recipe for skillet scallions.

(store in a bag in the fridge)

parsley - more than just a garnish. Parsley is a significantly underrated herb. Treat soft herbs like a fresh bouquet of flowers. Fill a glass with cool water, trim the ends of the stems, and then place the bunch in the glass and leave in the fridge.

garlic scapes – have you tried our garlic scape white bean dip? Or grilled scapes with sun dried tomato pesto?

(store in a bag in the fridge)

lettuce mix – you know the drill! Store in the fridge.

white turnips – unlike common turnips, these are mild and juicy and refreshing. Both the tops and the roots are edible. Both can be eaten raw or sautéed.

(If you aren’t going to eat them right away and want them to last in your fridge, we suggest cutting the greens off and storing them separately. They can leach moisture from the roots. Store in a plastic bag in the fridge)

snow peas – you should try them in this recipe for crunchy chopped salad – see below.

(store in the fridge)

kale – massage your kale! Especially if you're eating it in a salad, raw. Why not try making some pesto? See below.

(store in a plastic bag in the fridge)

radish – so juicy and crisp, the last ones of the season!

(store in a plastic bag in the fridge)

Recipes to try

crunchy chopped salad with feta, lime and mint

kale pesto with poached eggs

carrot top pesto

week night cassoulet

parsley ravioli

mixed greens pie

East India Gimlet

beet salad with dill and horseradish

beet salad with feta and mint

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